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Italian Teaching Method

Italian Language Method

Learn Italian quickly: The language courses are based on a highly communicative method designed to foster confidence in students and encourage them to speak as soon as possible.
Living with your teacher and her family you will be introduced to the most common everyday situations to make you able to communicate and work in a new environment.
Grammar and vocabulary will always be presented, analyzed and practiced in a context which is meaningful to you.
You will discover and interpret Italian culture directly instead of merely relying upon the opinion of an "expert".
You will uncover Italian culture and society in of its complexities, replete with the thoughts, hopes, beliefs, dream, traditions, and behaviors of Italian people with whom they themselves interact.
The course will gradually grow a cultural awareness and you will be able, in a short time, to better understand the immediate world around you in comparison to your own culture.
The lessons and materials are chosen exactly for your needs and level.

You will study intensively but in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Flexible dates: You can build your private intensive Italian course, ranging from 2,15 hours (3 lessons) up to 3 hours (4 lessons) per day 5 days per week. You will live 24 hrs a day the real Italian life style. You will have the opportunity to spend your free time enjoing this wonderful country!




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